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The following notes summarise reports from recent supported expeditions. Reports can be refined by geographical area and purpose.

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Mulu 2019 Expedition

Ref: 19/42
April - May 2019
Andy Eavis, Ben Kent et al.
<p>Following continued exploration of the Mulu Caves over many years, the primary aim for the Mulu 2019 expedition was to further explore the system and connect a number of caves in the Southern penin Read more
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Low's Gully Big Wall 1999

Ref: 99/07
March - April 1999
Steve Long with Chris Parkin, Paul Platt, Paul Rafferty, Charles Stead and Dave Turnbull
<p>During his descent of Low's Gully on Kinabalu, 4101m, in 1998, this leader decided that the 1,000m east-facing wall offered scope for the fIrst 'big wall' route in Malaysia. However, the so-called Read more
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Benerat 2000 (Caving)

Ref: 00/39
November 2000
Dick Willis with Tim Allen, Colin Boothroyd, Andy Eavis, Pam Fogg, Tim Fogg, Pete Hall, Martin Holroyd, Pete O'Neil and Tony White plus three local cavers
<p>This was the tenth in a series ofjoint Anglo-Sarawak caving expeditions to Mulu National Park. New discoveries in Cobweb Cave in Gunong Benerat extended the mapped length from 15.1 km to 26.7 km, m Read more
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Welsh Low's Gully 2000

Ref: 00/17
March - April 2000
Jerry Gore with Steve Long, Louise Thomas and Mike Turner
<p>Although Low's Gully on Mount Kinabalu, 4,101m, received its first complete descent a few years ago, all attempts to climb the 750m E face had so far failed. However when this team arrived, they fo Read more
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Benarat 2005

Ref: 05/52
September - October 2005
Dick Willis with Tim Allen, Andy Atkinson, Mark Brown, Richard Chambers, Andy Eavis, Robert Eavis, Rich Gerrish, Martin Holroyd, Matt Kirby, Dave Nixon, Pete O'Neil, Robbie Shone, John Volanthin and Mark Wright
<p>The Mulu area of Sarawak is one of the most significant karst areas in the world so has long been popular with British cavers. This team proved that the Terikan caves formed a single 32km system: t Read more
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Gunung Mulu Caves

Ref: 17/28
April 2017
Catherine Hulse, Rob Middleton, Steve Jack, Dave Nixon, Colin Boothroyd, Luke Cafferty, Jon Pemberton, Rob Eavis and Jeff Wade
<p>This was the 24 Anglo-Sarawak Expedition to Gunung Mulu national park. Objectives included further exploration and surveying of cave systems discovered in previous expeditions, search for connectio Read more