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The following notes summarise reports from recent supported expeditions. Reports can be refined by geographical area and purpose.

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Alpine Club Kyrgyzstan Expedition 2021

Ref: 21/09
July - August 2021
Tom Davis-Merry, Tom Simpson, Alex Metcalfe, Sam Davis and Sam Mace with Wayne Auton providing support from France
<p>The team gathered in Bishkek before transferring to Kuiluu via Karakol. Here they established their basecamp with a view to climbing a number of virgin peaks off the East Bordlu Glacier. Due to pro Read more
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Structural Glaciological Analysis of a Calving Glacier

Ref: 21/07
July 2021
Nathaniel Baurley and Chris Tomsett
<p>This research expedition aimed to undertake a complete structural glaciological analysis of Fjallsjökull, an active, calving glacier in south-east Iceland. Due to time and weather constraints, the Read more
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British Admiral Peak

Ref: 94/30
July - August 1994
Neil McAdie with Clive Davis, Jerry Hadwin and Andy Lewington
<p>This team arrived in Base Camp a mere 15 hours after leaving London, to find that their intended route had already been climbed by a CIS party. Any alternative would have involved many days of big Read more
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British/Ukranian Tien Shan 1994

Ref: 94/18
July - August 1994
Nick Williams with Chris Bedford, Richard Cross, Mat Dickinson and Adam Jackson from the UK and Ukranians Anton Bykov, Igor Chaplinsky, Nikolay Gorunov, Sveta Lineva, Taras Metropan, Alik Petruk & Sasha Pyapun
<p>This joint team hoped to achieve new routes from the South Inylchek glacier but experienced bad weather for most of the time that they were in the area. Continuous danger of rock and serac fall pre Read more
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Cherskiy Mountains

Ref: 94/16
July - August 1994
Paul Knott with Michael Doyle, Simon Inger and John Kentish
<p>As the first Westerners to visit these mountains in NE Siberia, this team had the area to itself and were able to achieve 7 first ascents of peaks approx 3,000m high. A pencilled line on a 1:500,00 Read more
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British Kamchatka Volcanoes

Ref: 94/07
July - August 1994
John Town with Huw Davies, Alyson Starling, Richard Wojtaszewski and 10 Russian climbers
<p>Kamchatka, the most easterly extremity of Siberia, was closed until recently, so is little explored. This team achieved successful ascents of Avacha (1,800m), Ushkovsky (3,943m) and Klyuchevskaya ( Read more
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British Latok North Ridge 1994

Ref: 94/42
August - September 1994
Dave Wills with Brendan Murphy
<p>Porter strikes plus injury and memory loss caused by falling rocks added to the more usual hazards experienced by this team attempting the first ascent of the N ridge of Latok I (7,145m) in pure al Read more
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Durham University Mountaineering Club Sim Gang Glacier 1994

Ref: 94/38
July - September 1994
Richard Dixon with Phil Birch, Nigel Crook, Chris May and Jeff Snoxell
<p>After establishing an advanced Base Camp at the head of the Sim Gang glacier, this team picked an interesting but unnamed peak (c5,800m), and in one day climbed to within 150m of its summit. At thi Read more
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British Hispar 1994

Ref: 94/36
July - August 1994
Dave Wilkinson with Bill Church, Brian Davison and Tony Park
<p>This party planned to make first ascents from the Yengutz but once in the Hispar valley they decided to climb from the Garumbar glacier instead. From here, they climbed Uyumrung Sar (c5,900) from t Read more
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British Women's Karakoram 1994

Ref: 94/21
July - August 1994
Penny Clay with Julie Carter, Wyn Clayton and Mary Twomey
<p>Dangerous cornices and poor snow conditions prevented this team from actually standing on the summits of Mitre Peak (5,945m) and Sceptre (5,800m). However, on the former they reached c5,900m after Read more