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The following notes summarise reports from the supported expeditions from 2009 to 2016. Reports can be refined by geographical area and purpose.

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Sersank Expedition

September - October 2016

Reference: 16/10

Mick Fowler and Victor Saunders

Sersank is a 6050 m peak at the head of the Sural Valley in Himachal Pradesh. It was approached over the Rhotang Pass from Manali to Sural Butori, followed by a two day trek through the Sural Valley to base camp at 4390 below the South Sersank Glacier. They spent five days climbing the North Face... Read more
Map of  India

Jangpar Wall Expedition

September - October 2016

Reference: 16/19

Martin Moran, John Crook, Dave Sharp and Ian Dring

The main objective was to make an alpine ascent of the N Spur of the unclimbed Peak 5755 in the Miyar Valley in Himachal Pradesh. The approach was via Manali and the Rohtang Pass to the roadhead at Khanjar. From an Advanced Base camp at 4320m Moran and Dring made the first ascent of Pk 5755 (named... Read more
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Nubra Valley

August - September 2016

Reference: 16/06

Derek Buckle, Andrew Cook, Michael Cocker, Gus Morton and Knut Tonsberg

The expedition acclimatised in Leh before travelling to Tirit and a three day trek to base camp at Arganglas. This is near the bifurcation of the Rassa and Phonglas Glaciers, from which they planned to explore one of the southerly arms of the Rassa Glacier. They established two further camps at... Read more
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Vishnugarh Darh Expedition

May - June 2016

Reference: 16/30

Susan Jensen, and Anindya (Raja) Mukherjee

Aiming for unclimbed peaks up to 6000m around the Panpatia Glacier in Garhwal, they approached via Josimath and a two day walk in. A Base Camp was established at 3815m, and an ABC at 4199m for acclimatisation. Soon after this camp was set up Raja started to experience breathing problems. Jensen... Read more
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May - June 2016

Reference: 16/31

Malcolm Bass and Guy Buckingham

After permission was refused for their first objective (Rimo III) they changed target to the NW Ridge of Gangstang (6163m) in the Lahaul district of Himachal Pradesh. They drove via Manali to the roadhead at Naingarth, and then made a 2 day trek to base camp. Bass and Buckingham acclimatised... Read more
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Nanda Devi East

September - October 2015

Reference: 15/20

Martin Moran, Mark Thomas, Thomas Coney, Kenton Cool and David Morton

A very experienced team with the objective the first ascent of NE Ridge of Nanda Devi East, 7434m. A base camp was established at a height of 4275m at Bhital Gwar in the Lwan valley, and an advanced base at 5300m close to the starting col. Two of the party made progress along the ridge via a... Read more
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Tamasa Nala

August - September 2015

Reference: 15/09

Derek Buckle, Drew Cook, Gus Morton, Knut Tonsberg and Stewart Worsfold

Exploration of the upper reaches of the Korlomshe Tokpo, a valley to the west of the Tamasa Nala which flows south of Padam in Zanskar, and first ascents of one or more peaks. From Padam they first established a base camp at 4153m, and then an advanced base at 5135m. From here they explored the... Read more
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Katkar Nala

July - August 2015

Reference: 15/31

Calum Nicoll, Struan Chisholm, Sam Newmark, and Calum McLellan

Objective to complete first ascents of peaks at around 5900m in the Zanskar/Ladakh region of Northern India. They travelled to Leh, and then by road to Kargil and Padum. On arrival at Reru they found that the bridges and the main road connecting the Tsarap river villages had been washed away by... Read more
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June - July 2015

Reference: 15/03

Ed Poulter, Andrew Basford, Katie Farrel, Mathew Fuller, Steve Hutton, Katie McKay and Dan Slome

The objectives were to explore the Upper SE Shukpa Kunchang and Sagtogpa Glaciers in the Rongdo Valley, and climb at least one unclimbed remote 6000m+ peak. After five days acclimatising around Leh, the team ascended the Rongdo Valley and established a base camp at 4800m, followed by an advanced... Read more
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Himalchal Pradesh

May - June 2015

Reference: 15/07

Andrew Nisbet, Robert Adams, Tom Adams, Steve Kennedy, Bill McConachie, and Paul Swienton

Exploration of a side valley branching from the Darcha-Mayar Valley in Himalchal Pradesh, and ascent of a peak of 6010m. A camp was established at the foot of the mountain, and a higher camp on the S Ridge at 5730m. After a windy and snowy night the weather improved, and Bill McConachie followed... Read more