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The following notes summarise reports from the supported expeditions from 2009 to 2019. Reports can be refined by geographical area and purpose.

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Sani Pakush Expedition

Ref: 19/28
July - August 2019
Peter Thompson and Philip De-Beger
With prior experience climbing on the northeast spur of Sani Pakush in 1998, Peter Thompson returned with Philip De-Beger to attempt a new alpine route on the northeast spur and east ridge in what... Read more
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Link Sar

Ref: 19/16
July - August 2019
Graham Zimmerman, Chris Wright, Steven Swenson and Mark Richey
This international team from New Zealand, the UK and USA travelled to the Kondus Valley with the objective of making the first ascent of Link Sar via the East Face. The team opted to fly initially... Read more
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Shuwert Expedition

Ref: 18/32
September - October 2018
Peter Thompson and Philip De-Beger
This two person expedition had a primary objective of making a first ascent of any 6000m peaks around the East Shuwert Glacier. They set their initial base camp at the foot of East... Read more
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Broad Peak Expedition

Ref: 18/05
June - July 2018
Sandy Allan, Rick Allen, Kacper Tekieli and Stanislav Vrba
Following a 9 day approach, the team aimed to complete one of their two expedition objectives; either a new unclimbed line on the very steep and technical SW face of the central summit, or an... Read more
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Ultar Expedition

Ref: 18/25
May - June 2018
Bruce Normand, Tim Miller and Christian Huber
Arriving in late May, the team began by acclimatising on Muchuar Glacier and Batokshi Peak during the first ten days. Their main objective was to make the first ascent of the South East Pillar route... Read more
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British Shimshal Expedition

Ref: 17/24
August - September 2017
George Cave, Steve Carratt, Ross Davidson and Clay Conlon
The main objective was the first ascent of a 6,150m peak in the Gunj-e Dur glacier system, with other secondary objectives nearby. After a three-day walk in from Shimshal they established a base... Read more
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Kondus Valley

Ref: 17/13
July - September 2017
Graham Zimmerman, Chris Wright and Steve Swenson
The original objective was to be Link Sar but they were advised it was unlikely a permit would be granted. They subsequently changed their target to Muchu Chhish in the Bartura Group of the Pakistan... Read more
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Gasherbrum IV Expedition

Ref: 17/15
June - July 2017
Bruce Normand, Billy Pierson and Marcos Costa
An attempt of a new route on the E face of Gasherbrum IV (7925m). From base camp twelve days were spent setting up a series of three camps on the route. The climb from camp two to camp three... Read more
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Hispar Expedition

Ref: 17/42
June 2017
Peter Thompson and Aiden Laffey
The attempted first ascent of Machu, a 6630m peak in the Hunza Valley of the Pakistan Karakorum, by either the SW or W ridges from the Machu valley, or by the SE ridge from the Chaghuta valley. From... Read more
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Boesam Pass Expedition

Ref: 17/11
May - July 2017
Tim Seers, James Lawson and Will Smith
The original objective was Yashkuk Sar II in the Chapursan valley, but the permit for this was not issued in time. An alternative in the Virjerab glacier was chosen but on arrival in Shimshal they... Read more