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The following notes summarise reports from the supported expeditions from 2009 to 2016. Reports can be refined by geographical area and purpose.

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British Takphu Himal Expedition

Ref: 18/15
October 2018
Ed Douglas, Nick Colton, Bruce Normand, Christof Nettekoven and Julian Freeman-Attwood
Conditions in the Takphu Himal area were unseasonably cold for the post-monsoon season. The team’s objective was any unclimbed 6000m in the group and upon arrival at base camp the first ascent was... Read more
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Mulung Tokpo Expedition

Ref: 18/10
August - September 2018
Derek Buckle, Drew Cook, Mike Fletcher, Adele Long, Gus Morton & Tony Westcott
After establishing base camp at the foot of the Mulung Glacier, the team ventured further in search of ABC. Establishing this at 5085m, they decided to switch from their original M15 objective due... Read more
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Dye-tracing on Khumbu Glacier

Ref: 18/02
April - May 2018
Aberystwyth University
Whilst glacial debris, supraglacial (surface) ponds, and bare-ice ice cliffs have all been relatively well studied in relation to meltwater flow on glaciers, less is know about how the meltwater is... Read more
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Glaciological Modeling Khumbu Glacier

Ref: 18/17
April - May 2018
Dr Martin Kirkbride, Dr Ann Rowan, Dr Duncan Quincey, Dr Evan Miles, Prof Bryn Hubbard, Josephine Hornsey and Katie Miles
The team from University of Dundee travelled to Khumbu to undertake data collection that could support theories of glaciological modeling produced by Dr Rowan. The data they collected included... Read more
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Annapurna South Glacier Ice Loss

Ref: 17/33
October - November 2017
Dr Rachel Carr, Arminel Lovell, James Lingihan and Jack Oxtoby
A scientific expedition with objectives to quantify changes in the ice surface elevation, thickness, and velocity, and assess their relationship with debris characteristics; to evaluate how ice... Read more
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Ardang Expedition

Ref: 17/38
October - December 2017
Mark Bielby and Emily Ward
The original target was Ardang (6034m) in the Humla region of West Nepal. Unfortunately they were told they could only get a permit for this peak if they agreed to take a guide, and so they chose to... Read more
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British Gorakh Himal Expedition

Ref: 17/04
May 2017
Jim Fotheringham, Nick Colton, Luke Hughes and Julian Freeman-Attwood
An expedition to visit a remote part of the Gorakh Himal on the border between Nepal and Tibet, and to make the first ascent of an unclimbed 6,000m peak in the Gorakh or Kangla Himal. After an... Read more
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Gokyo Expedition

Ref: 17/02
October - November 2016
Simon Yates and Paul Schweize
An attempt on the N face of the unclimbed Kangchung (6103m) in Gokyo, Solu Khumbu. They set up their base camp in an ablation valley at Gyubanare, and from here they scoped the approach and route,... Read more
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Lasarmu Expedition

Ref: 17/08
October - November 2016
Simon Verspeak and Rebecca Coles
The primary objective was an ascent of an unclimbed 6,246m peak in the Humla region of the far west of Nepal. Base camp was reached in a four-day trek from Simikot. Reconnaissance to the edge of the... Read more
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Khumbu Glacier

Ref: 16/01
May - June 2016
Cameron Scott Watson, Owen King and Darren Jones
This was the second of a series of three campaigns studying supraglacial pond development and melt at ice cliffs on the debris covered Khumbu Glacier. An ascent of Lobuche East (6090m) gave them a... Read more