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The following notes summarise reports from the supported expeditions from 2009 to 2019. Reports can be refined by geographical area and purpose.

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'Eigerwand of the Khumbu'

Ref: 04/26A
October - November 2004
Rich Cross with Paul Ramsden
<p>Although appearing to be a very steep 1,000m face (very similar to that of the Eigerwand) on a stand-alone 6,070m summit, strictly speaking this team's objective forms the gable end to the long NE Read more
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Teng Kangpoche North Face

Ref: 04/22
October - November 2004
Nick Bullock with Nick Carter
<p>'Officially' unclimbed, Teng Kangpoche (6,500m) had already been subject to an attempt by this leader in 2003, when he climbed a solo line, 'Love and Hate' on the NE face to the point where it join Read more
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Ngozumba Glacier Research Project

Ref: 05/48
November - December 2005
Doug Benn with Steve Keene from UK, Jason Gulley from USA and Endre Gjermundsen from Norway
<p>This unusual expedition was set up to study the role of high-altitude ice caves in the evolution and drainage of ice lakes, and assess the feasibility of cave diving within them. Basing themselves Read more
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British Machermo

Ref: 05/21
October - November 2005
Owen Samuel with Andy Turner
<p>Machermo (aka Phari Lapcha) (6,017m) in the very popular Gokyo valley is one of 33 peaks recently given 'trekking peak' status by the Nepalese authorities. Although one route ('Bonfire of the Vanit Read more
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2006 Scottish Lobuje East

Ref: 06/31
September - November 2006
Alasdair Buchanan with Dave Chadwick & Tristan Hamade
<p>When his lead climber withdrew from the team, this leader had to reevaluate his objectives. To acclimatise, Chadwick and Hamade climbed the normal route on Lobuje (4,943m) and after a reconnaissanc Read more
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'Khumbu Double Trouble'

Ref: 06/23
October - November 2006
Jon Bracey with Nick Bullock
<p>Phari Lapcha (aka Machermo 6,017m) is one of 33 mountains recently given 'trekking peak' status by the Nepalese authorities, and although fairly accessible from the Lukla to Gokyo trek, only had on Read more
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Xtreme Everest Genotype Study

Ref: 05/15
2005 Onwards
Dr Hugh Montgomery, Dr Mike Grocott & Dr Julian Thompson
<p>This ongoing study, being carried out at the Centre for Aviation Space and Extreme Environmental Medicine (CASE), is integrally linked to the Caudwell Xtreme Everest Expedition, 07/01. It is intend Read more
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Kanti Himal

Ref: 07/02A
September - October 2007
Julian Freeman-Attwood, Nick Colton, Luke Hughes & Phil Wickens
<p>When permission for his intended 'McMahon Line 2007 Expedition' (MEFRef 07/02) was withdrawn due to internal political problems less than a week before departure, with no alternative Tibetan peak o Read more
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Caudwell Xtreme Everest

Ref: 07/01
March - June 2007
Dr Mike Grocott with Summit Climbing Team: Dr Sundeep Dhillon, Patrick Doyle, Paul Gunning, Nigel Hart, Chris Imray, Daniel Martin, Dr Roger McMorrow, Mick O'Dwyer & Dr Jeremy Windsor plus Support Climbing Team: Vijay Ahuja, Maryam Koshravi, Dr Denny Levett, Paul Richards & Andre Vercueil plus Climbing Filming Team: Michael (Charlie) Brown, Graham Hoyland, David Rasmussen & Jack Tankard plus Camp 2 Support: Simon Lowe & Araceli Seagara, plus 200 'volunteers'
<p>This was a complex medical research expedition studying the effects of altitude on the human body, in particular on the level of oxygen in arterial blood. More than 200 subjects were studied at a r Read more
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Ethnobotany Nepal Himalaya 2008

Ref: 08/11
July - September 2008
Paul Egan, Carol-Ann Cunningham, Marloes Eeftens & Cearúil Swords
<p>Working in conjunction with Tribhuvan University (Kathmandu), this multi-national group of scientists from the University of Aberdeen (one UK, two Irish and one Dutch) carried out a multi-disciplin Read more