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Every MEF-supported expedition is required to submit a report to the foundation. We have archived these reports so that they can be of use in research and the planning of future expeditions. Listed below are summary pages for every expedition that the MEF has supported with links to their complete expedition reports. Expeditions can be refined by geographical area and purpose, browsed using the map below or searched using the search box.

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The Svalbard Atomfjella Expedition

Ref: 24/04
April - May 2024
Sasha Doyle and Ed Luke
This team of two travelled under a combination of their own power and by kite ski from Longyearbyen to the remote Atomfjella mountains. Here they established three new climbs, including an impressive Read more

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Ref: 23/03
March 2023
Remy Veness, Peter Tuckett, Will Wenban, Rebecca Schlegel and Emma Smith
Drumlins are oval-shaped hills which form below glaciers and ice sheets. This research expedition from the University of Sheffield travelled to the Þjórsárjökull glacier in Iceland with the aim of est Read more

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The World’s Most Northern Caves

Ref: 22/01
July - August 2023
Gina Moseley, Christopher Blakeley, Robert Shone, Gabriella Koltai, Nathan Hudson-Peacock and Matthias Vogt
In the latter half of July 2023 this team of six travelled to northern Greenland where they explored a number of promising cave sites, collecting samples from speleothem deposits to aid with paleoclim Read more

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Angmagssalik Expedition 2022

Ref: 22/35
July - August 2022
Will Rowland, Mike Bauermeister, Noel Williams and Simon Tietjen
This expedition’s initial objective was to complete a 25km traverse of several peaks on the west side of Ikasagtivaq fjord. Once underway the team quickly realised that, due to the poor quality of the Read more

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Greenland Sea to Summit 2022

Ref: 22/27
June - August 2022
Bronwyn Hodgins, Jacob Cook, Kelsey Watts, Zack Goldberg-Poch, Angela VanWiemeersch and Jaron Pham
This team of six set out from Uummannaq on 05 July, paddling north through fjords and tidal mud flats before portaging a 20km section of land which connected a series of small lakes. Once past the por Read more

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Medusa Climbing Expedition

Ref: 22/18
June - September 2022
Tim Luke, Ed Luke and Sasha Doyle
Setting sail from Glasson Dock (UK) on Medusa, a Vancouver 34C yacht, the expedition party arrived in Nanortalik, South Greenland after an arduous three-week crossing. After repeating some of the esta Read more

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Structural Glaciological Analysis of a Calving Glacier

Ref: 21/07
July 2021
Nathaniel Baurley and Chris Tomsett
This research expedition aimed to undertake a complete structural glaciological analysis of Fjallsjökull, an active, calving glacier in south-east Iceland. Due to time and weather constraints, the tea Read more

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UAV Glaciological Analysis

Ref: 19/15
September 2019
Nathaniel Baurley and Chris Tomsett
The original objective was to carry out UAV surveys of the Breiðamerkurjökull and Fjallsjökull glaciers. However, due to time and logistical constraints, the expedition decided to focus solely on sur Read more

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Zackenberg River Catchment

Ref: 19/35
July - August 2019
Dr Emily Stevenson and Dr Mel Murphy
In the summer of 2019, Dr Stevenson and Dr Murphy undertook three weeks of fieldwork in the Zackenberg River Catchment to determine the impact of increased physical erosion on carbon dioxide (CO2) rem Read more

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Renland, Greenland 2019

Ref: 19/08
June - July 2019
Tom Harding, Niall Newport, Cameron Ree and Neil Cox
After overcoming initial delays due to excessive sea ice the team arrived at their desired venue (?) on Renland. They established successive mid and high camps further up the valley over 8 days. Once Read more