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Expedition Reports

The following notes summarise reports from the supported expeditions from 2009 to 2016. Reports can be refined by geographical area and purpose.

12 Expeditions found

Map of  Greenland

Leverett Glacier

Ref: 17/30
October 2018
Dr Andrew Sole, Dr Neil Ross, Dr Stephen Livingstone and Ben Davison
Using the body of previous research which aimed to quantify how melting of the ice sheet surface affects ice flow, the team travelled to the Leverett Glacier with the aim of building upon their... Read more
Map of  Greenland

Wegener Halvø Peninsula

Ref: 18/33
July - August 2018
Gina Moseley, Robbie Shone, Chris Blakeley, Dario Schwoerer, Sabine Schwoerer, Salina Schwoerer, Andri Schwoerer, Noe Schwoerer, Alegra Schwoerer, Mia Schwoerer, Vital Schwoerer and Mirjam Bruhwiler
Whilst the caves on the Wegener Halvø Peninsula have been known about for some time, little is known about their make up. The team aimed to address this knowledge gap by undertaking exploration,... Read more
Map of  Greenland

Moskus Expedition

Ref: 18/23
April – May 2018
Matthew Hay and Louis Chartres
The dual approach of this expedition aimed to make first ascents of two unclimbed peaks whilst also conducting climate change research on the Roslin Glacier. Over 10 days they made the initial... Read more
Map of  Greenland

Greenland North Liverpool Land Expedition

Ref: 18/14
April - May 2018
Simon Richardson, James Gregson, Sandra Gregson, Ingrid Baber, Mark Robson and Ron Kenyon
In a highly prolific expedition the team climbed eight new routes and summited eleven new peaks from the Neild Bugt Glacier. They found conditions to initially be far colder and under greater... Read more
Map of  Norway

Braisvart Expedition

Ref: 17/36
July - August 2017
Paul Weber, Lauren Knight
A scientific expedition with an exploratory element, to find the best route through the Vesterdalen valley in Arctic Norway, which separates the western and eastern Svartisen icefields, and collect... Read more
Map of  Greenland

Stauning Alps Expedition

Ref: 17/03
April - May 2017
Molly Thompson, Jesse Dufton, Alistair Everett, Jennifer Roberts, Oliver Mentz and Simon Hall
This expedition had both mountaineering and scientific objectives. They flew in to Constable Point in East Greenland, and from there travelled by skidoo to the base of the Roslin glacier. They skied... Read more
Map of  Greenland

Renland Expedition

Ref: 16/25
July - August 2016
Geoff Hornby, David Barlow, Rob Powell and Paul Seabrook
An expedition to an unnamed and unexplored glacier near the Mirror Wall area of South Renland. From Iceland they flew to Constable Point, and from there made a 12hr overnight passage in a RIB (hard... Read more
Map of  Greenland

Northeast Greenland Caves

Ref: 15/04
July 2015
Gina Mosely, Robbie Shone, Chris Blakeley and Mark Wright
The aim of this project was to collect samples of deposits from caves in Kronprins Christian Land in order to study past climate change. The team flew to Mestersvig, where equipment was sorted and... Read more
Map of  Greenland

Bio-glaciology in Western Greenland

Ref: 15/08
July 2015
Joseph Cook, Arwyn Edwards, Michael Sweet, Ottavia Cavalli and Sophie Cook
An expedition to study the role of glacier microbes in shaping ice surfaces by monitoring the changing shapes of ice surface landforms and biogeochemical fluxes. The team included four young... Read more
Map of  Greenland

Wall to Wall

Ref: 14/27
July - August 2014
Cath Alldred, Sion Brocklehurst, Robert Durran, Pat Ingram, and Simon Smith
The objective was the establishment of new routes in the Fox Jaw Cirque, Trillingerne, East Greenland. The team were flown to the island of Kulusuk from Reykyavik, and continued by boat to the head... Read more