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The following notes summarise reports from recent supported expeditions. Reports can be refined by geographical area and purpose.

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Structural Glaciological Analysis of a Calving Glacier

Ref: 21/07
July 2021
Nathaniel Baurley and Chris Tomsett
<p>This research expedition aimed to undertake a complete structural glaciological analysis of Fjallsjökull, an active, calving glacier in south-east Iceland. Due to time and weather constraints, the Read more
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British Mount Asgard 1994

Ref: 94/32
May - July 1994
Simon Yates with Noel Craine, Keith Jones, Paul Pritchard and Steve Quinlan
<p>The approach to this 2,011m peak in Baffin Island took so much longer than anticipated that the leader and Jones had to return home before getting to grips with it. The other three, with a lone Cat Read more
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1994 Trans-Greenland

Ref: 94/43
July - August 1994
Nigel Harling with Mark Evans
<p>Reasonable weather conditions enabled the 533km crossing from Isertoq on the east coast to near Sondrestrojm on the west to be made in a very creditable 26 days. Parachutes were used as sails when Read more
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Cardiff University Greenland 1994

Ref: 94/26
July - August 1994
Dr Gary Timms with David Crease, Andrew Roberts, Matthew Roberts, Jonathan Rowe and Andrew Woodward
<p>Six scientists working in the Stauning Alps experienced mostly excellent weather, enabling them to carry out their work programme before attempting some new routes in the area. They achieved the su Read more
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Karabiner MC Greenland 1994

Ref: 94/13
July - August 1994
Jim Gregson with Sandra Gregson, Graham Harkness, Andrew Howick, Alan Jones, John Starbuck, Lucy Walker and Paul Walker
<p>This mixed club team explored the area of Schweizerland adjacent to the Pourquoi-pas, Champs-Elysees and Kristian glaciers. During their 22 days in the fIeld, they climbed a total of 14 peaks or to Read more
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North-South Greenland: Phase I

Ref: 94/03
July - August 1994
Dr Phil Jumeau with Brian Hull and John Sweeney
<p>Time constraints have prevented this team from tackling its ambitious project - a N-S Greenland traverse - in a single year, so the journey has been divided into two (unequal) phases. The fIrst one Read more
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British Greenland 1993

Ref: 93/38
July - September 1993
Stephen Jones with Carl Holt, Jamie Miller and Peter Price-Thomas
<p>This team made a 640km W-E crossing of the Greenland Ice Cap from near Angmassalik to Sondre Stromfjord in 38 days. 'Upski' parachutes provided one very exhilarating day of 61km, but mostly it was Read more
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Ref: 95/23
June - July 1995
Paul Marshall with Jeremy Lee
<p>After a three-week solo reconnaissance trip to the island of Sermersoq in 1994, the leader selected the first ascent of Savtakkerne, 1,276m, as the main objective for a climbing trip in 1995. This Read more
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British Greenland 1995

Ref: 95/20
July 1995
Ian Dring with David Anderson, Craig Dring and Paul Tattersall
<p>This team was attracted by the range of spectacular unclimbed 1,000-1,500m faces around Tasermiut Fjord, Cape Farewell. They achieved the first ascent of Nalumasortoq Towers by an 18-pitch route of Read more
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British Polar Sun 1995

Ref: 95/18
May - July 1995
Jerry Gore with Warren Hollinger and Mark Synnott
<p>The primary objective of this team was to make the first ascent of the S face of Polar Sun Spire (cl250m), Baffin Island. However, after climbing 200m up loose rock in an off-width crack threatened Read more