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The following notes summarise reports from recent supported expeditions. Reports can be refined by geographical area and purpose.

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Anglo-American Kokshaal-Too

Ref: 97/45
August - September 1997
Lindsay Griffin with Brian Davison and Nick Green from UK, Christian Beckwith and Garth Willis from USA and Mattias Engelien from Germany
<p>The American/German portion of this team limbered up on ice/mixed routes of Scottish IV/V on peaks up to 4,600m in the Ala Archa before heading for Kokshaal-Too, the most southern range of the Tien Read more
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Northern Chuiskiy

Ref: 97/39
July - August 1997
Paul Knott with Michael Doyle from UK plus Justin Canny and Bill Fischelis from the USA
<p>The Maashey Valley is virtually unknown, and had never previously been visited by British or American climbers. Hence this enterprising team had no problems in finding something 'new' to climb. The Read more
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Ski The Pamir

Ref: 19/05
May 2019
Ryan Taylor, Elliot Smith, Peter Biskind and William Saunders
<p>The objective of the expedition was to make a number of ski descents close to the village of Jilandi. After gaining permits locally, the team travelled by 4x4 to Jilandi and arranged assistance to Read more
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Cambridge University MC Trans-AItai 1998

Ref: 98/33
July - August 1998
Rowland Barker with Hamish Downer, James Lassetter and Mark Stevenson plus Steven Carter in support
<p>This team of students selected the Korzhenevskiy Valley of the Trans-Altai range in the S of Kyrgyzstan (near the border with Tajikistan) for their first visit to the Greater Ranges. As far as they Read more
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Kyrgyzstan '97 - Ten First Ascents in the Tien Shan

Ref: 97/42
July - August 1997
Loic Jounot with Olivier Hymas, Pierre Hymas, Jan Kerner, and Kerim Hestnes Nisancioglu
<p>In addition to achieving ten first ascents, the six students in this team planned to carry out some research on behalf of Imperial College Atmospheric Group. This involved measuring UV-B radiation Read more
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Pamirs '99

Ref: 99/46
July - August 1999
Paul Deegan with Dr Ryck Albertyn, Al Boardman, Elliott Forge, Simon Harris-Ward, Martin Hartley, Dan Haylock, Seb Mankelow, Julian Mitchell and Darren Tulley
<p>The Zaalayskiy Khrebet range, lying at the eastern edge of the Pamir on the border of Kyrgyzstan with Tajikistan and China, was politically out of bounds from the late 1950s, so is little explored. Read more
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Ak-Su Valley 1999

Ref: 99/30
August - September 1999
Jonathan Garside with Mark Baker, Christopher Forrest and Peter Scott
<p>This team hoped to make the first ascents of a subsidiary peak of P. 4810m (aka Pik Boston) and the unclimbed rock pillar of Oiseau (aka Bird Peak). However, frequent showers made them look for les Read more
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Karavshin-Lailiak '99

Ref: 99/27
July - August 1999
lan Parnell with Anne Arran, John Arran and Mark Pretty
<p>Parnell and Pretty travelled out in advance of the others, intending to spend a month climbing in the Lailiak area. After two weeks with little more than bouldering due to bad weather, they decided Read more
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Sayan Mountains Expedition

Ref: 19/31
July - August 2019
James English, Megan Picken, Harry Williams, David Warnes, Dr Alexander Shchetnikov and Dr Ivan Filinov
<p>The expedition aimed to provide data to better understand past climatic conditions in the region using chironomids, diatoms and spheroidal carbonaceous particles. This required the extraction of tw Read more
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Kazakh Apogee 2000

Ref: 00/16A
July - August 2000
Stuart Batey with Alan Beeton, Carl Burks, Catherine Clare, Allan Gransden, Andrew Grubb, Mick Jenkins, Frank McCorriston, Carl Morrish, John Owens, Darran Weller and John Wharry
<p>In previous years the Royal Engineers Military Survey Department had organised major exploratory mountaineering expeditions to Ecuador, India and Chile; but for their Millennium Expedition they sel Read more