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The following notes summarise reports from the supported expeditions from 2009 to 2019. Reports can be refined by geographical area and purpose.

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Sayan Mountains Expedition

Ref: 19/31
July - August 2019
James English, Megan Picken, Harry Williams, David Warnes, Dr Alexander Shchetnikov and Dr Ivan Filinov
<p>The expedition aimed to provide data to better understand past climatic conditions in the region using chironomids, diatoms and spheroidal carbonaceous particles. This required the extraction of tw Read more
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Kyrgystan - Djungart 2004

Ref: 04/39
July - August 2004
Ingrid Crossland with Graham Sutton
<p>With several previous visits to Kyrgyzstan behind her, this leader returned with possibly the first ever climbing expedition to visit the Djungart area of the Kokshaal Too range. Access to the area Read more
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Zaalaiskiy Ridge

Ref: 04/38
July - August 2004
Paul Hudson with Ian Arnold, Ken Findlay, Susan Jensen, Paul Lyons and William Parsons
<p>Once again, this leader selected a relatively unfrequented area for his exploratory expedition - the Zaalaiskiy range in the far south of Kyrgyzstan. They had originally planned to operate from the Read more
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Scottish Kyzyl Asker 2004

Ref: 04/15
August - September 2004
Es Tresidder with Pete Benson, Matt Halls, Guy Robertson and Robin Thomas
<p>Following an unsuccessful trip to the Kokshaal Too area of Kyrgyzstan in 2002 [MEF Ref 02/41], this slightly changed team returned hoping that this time they would succeed in making the first ascen Read more
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University of Bristol 2005 Tajikistan

Ref: 05/33
June - July 2005
Simon Spencer-Jones with Ed Bailey, James Byrne, Ian Hatcher, Rob Lavin, Amy Marshall, Stevo Nicholls and Sam Smith
<p>This team of past and present students of Bristol University with varied experience planned to explore the southern end of the 70-80km long Fedchenko glacier in the High Pamirs. Climbing in groups Read more
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Cambridge Mongolia 2005

Ref: 05/32
July - August 2005
Alan Dickinson with Tom Lambert
<p>The best laid plans oft go awry, especially when conditions on the ground fail to match their appearance on maps and satellite photographs. When this duo eventually reached Monhh Khiarhan (4,202m) Read more
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Grand Poohbah

Ref: 05/18
July - August 2005
Paul Knott with Grant Piper and Graham Rowbotham
<p>Maintaining his reputation for visiting remote mountain areas, this year Paul Knott chose the Fersmana glacier basin in the central region of Western Kokshaal-Too. The aim of his team was to explor Read more
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2005 Ak-Su 'Free and Clean'

Ref: 05/02
July - August 2005
Mark Pretty with David Pickford, Ian Parnell and Sam Whittaker
<p>Since access to the eastern bloc countries is now so much easier, the granite spires above the Ak-Su main and subsidiary valleys of Kyrgyzstan have become a popular destination for technical rock-c Read more
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AC Shakhdara 2006

Ref: 06/12
August - September 2006
Phil Wickens with Rick Allen, Derek Buckle, Kai Green, Steve Hunt, Alex Rickards and Tim Sparrow
<p>Although the Shakhdara range of Tajikistan has been popular with Russian competition climbers (and possibly others from the eastern bloc) for some time, the area was not visited by western climbers Read more
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Eagle Ski Club Ak Shirak

Ref: 06/09
April - May 2006
Dave Wynne Jones with Derek Buckle, Alistair Cairns, John Goodwin, Lizzy Hawker, Anna Seale and Mike Sharp
<p>The Ak Shirak range of mountains in Kyrgyzstan is still largely unexplored, and by going later in the season than previous trips, this team hoped to make a SW-NE ski traverse without experiencing t Read more