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The following notes summarise reports from the supported expeditions from 2009 to 2019. Reports can be refined by geographical area and purpose.

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Malitskovo Glacier

Ref: 07/21
July - August 2007
Stuart Howard & Dave Swinburne
<p>The Malitskovo glacier lies in the central section of the Western Kokshaal Too region of Kyrgyzstan, close to the border with China; in fact, according to recent border realignment, it now lies wit Read more
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Alpine Club Ak-Shirak on Ski

Ref: 07/17
April 2007
Dave Wynne-Jones, Stuart Gallagher, Gethin Howells, Adele Long & Gordon Nuttall
<p>Based on his experience of Kazakhstan in 2003 (MEF 03/30) and 2006 (MEF 06/09), this leader selected April as the most suitable month for a circuit on ski of the unexplored glacier systems of the n Read more
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Kuksay 2007

Ref: 07/08A
July - August 2007
John AlIen, David Barker, Joe Howard, Isobel Mulligan, Kevin Mulligan, Richard Taylor & Neil Willatt
<p>Although close to the ever popular Mustagh Ata, the Kuksay glacier of West Kunlun still had several significant unclimbed peaks, and this team (all making their first visit to the greater ranges) h Read more
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Oxford University Tien Shan 2008

Ref: 08/20
August - September 2008
Ben Sutton, David Jorden, Chris Lloyd, George Margerison & Tom Sutherland
<p>This team planned to explore and make alpine-style ascents from the Cholokkanchigai valley in the south-east corner of the Borkoldoy range, but when they arrived in Kyrgyzstan, they discovered that Read more
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Eagle Ski Club Ak-Shirak

Ref: 08/09A
April - May 2008
Dave Wynne-Jones, Derek Buckle, Jerry Seager, Mike Sharp & Robert West
<p>After planning an expedition to the Kangri Garpo range of Tibet, this team was able to switch to an alternative venue in Kyrgyzstan when much of Tibet was closed early in 2008. The new plan was to Read more
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New Zealand Harturtay

Ref: 08/04
June - August 2008
Paul Hersey, Graham Zimmerman & Yewjin Tan
<p>These strong technical climbers planned to make the first attempt on the steep west face of Harturtay (5,127m) in the Schurovkovo Valley in SW Kyrgyzstan. However, when they saw the face for themse Read more
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Alpine Climbing Group 2018 Borkoldoy Expedition

Ref: 18/30
July – August 2018
Aaron Tregellis Hodgson, Tom Greenham, Thomas Simpson, Matthew Guy, Francis Tocher, Robbie Blease, Rowan Shand McIntosh and Joe Ramsay
<p>Based on reports from a previous expedition to the Borkoldoy range, the party had identified three principle objectives in an unexplored region to the South-West of Kainar Lake. </p><p>After arrivi Read more
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Sayan Mountains Expedition

Ref: 19/31
July - August 2019
James English, Megan Picken, Harry Williams, David Warnes, Dr Alexander Shchetnikov and Dr Ivan Filinov
<p>The expedition aimed to provide data to better understand past climatic conditions in the region using chironomids, diatoms and spheroidal carbonaceous particles. This required the extraction of tw Read more
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High-altitude cryosphere processes

Ref: 19/19
August 2019
​​Dr Joel Fiddes, Dr Simon Allen and Mark Witcomb
<p>The research project aimed to fill a vital knowledge gap regarding permafrost in the high mountain environments of Asia, a topic of growing importance in light of climate change. While much is know Read more
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KMC Western Zaalaisky Expedition

Ref: 19/18
August - September 2019
Andy Stratford, Steve Graham, Emily Thompson, Andy Vine, Jared Kitchen and Stuart Hurworth
<p>Six members of the Karabiner Mountaineering Club travelled to the little explored Western Zaalaisky region of Kyrgyzstan with the aim to ascend unclimbed peaks and gain greater insight for future e Read more